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The Peace Chant

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The Peace Chant
From the Taittiyria Upanisad

Sa ha na va va tu
Saha nau bhunaktu

Saga viryam kara va as hai

Tejas vi na vadhi tamastu

Ma vid vi sa va hai

Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih,

We realize that the Divine is always protecting us while we are together.
We realize that the obstacles are being removed which stand in the way
of our understanding the truth that all is One; that there is no division or separation between us.
We grasp this understanding with full comprehension
and without doubt so that all misunderstanding is dissolved within us.

We do not cherish hatred, anger, or displeasure,
Our hearts are full of love.
Perfect friendship reigns between us.

The space around us is free of fear.
The East and the West, North and South are free of fear.
The earth is free of fear.
The past and the future are free of fear.
We have no foes. We are all friends.
Our hearts are full of love.
The human race is uniting in fearless friendship.

Om. Peace. Peace. Peace

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